Announcement Change to criteria for creating a Classifieds listing


Code Monkey 🐒
The criteria for being able to create a Classifieds listing in our 'Buy, Sell, and Trade' area has been updated to require at least 5 posts to have been made in the other parts of the community first.

There have been some recent scenarios where a person has joined the community and immediately posted a Classifieds entry that have seemed suspect. We [the volunteer moderators team and your friendly neighborhood Spide... admin] talked about it and agreed that a minimum criteria is needed before new members should be able to post a Classifieds listing to help reduce the possibility of spammers/scammers.

Five posts is a pretty low requirement but it should help sort out anybody who joins the community for the sole purpose of being to create a Classifieds listing with no intent of participating in the rest of the community areas.