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I am sad to announce that our admin Don (Streetshooter) and our super moderator Olli will be leaving the moderator team here at Serious Compacts. Both are leaving for personal reasons and have indicated that they plan to remain involved as members on the site.

These forum leadership positions are more work than they seem, and they are completely voluntary (no financial remuneration). I want to take a moment to thank Don and Olli for their very generous contributions to the site. Both will be missed on the moderator team, which now consists of BBW, Bill (bilzmale), and myself.


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Thank you Don and Olli both for your service and thank you to the on-going moderator team. This is a terrific forum made better by folks like you who toil both behind the scenes and contribute out front.

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Wow! Big changes. Don and Olli, I hope you're both well and really will be sticking around, even if in a less official role. I've always NOTICED you more as participants than "officials", so I hope we won't notice a huge difference, but I'm sure those jobs involve a lot that most of us never see. So, thank you for what you've done and thank you Amin, BB, and Bill for carrying on...



Thanks Don and Olli, hope you still participate and your presence won't be missed.
Amin, BB and Bill, please keep this cosy site comfy... appreciate all the hard work!

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Wow, please don't leave you guys. You don't know how much you've motivated me to dig inside to see what creative juices I may have. I like it around here and hope to continue to get feedback from the two of you!


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Bill Shinnick
Thank you Don and olli. As already said you have both made a great contribution both up front and behind the scenes. Glad to hear you both intend to remain involved as forum members and every best wish for what the future holds for you both.


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Thank you both for all the work, I know it's more than one might think. I hope, the remaining mods can cope with the additional workload.


Thank you so much Don and Olli. Not only learning by seeing I did, but also learning by reading.....especially Don gave a lot of input of spelling and phrasing which I never learned at school........and may have forgotten after 50 years... ;-)

For me and other friends here both must stay, their visual impact through photographs is indispensable. How!!



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Bill Palmer
Thanks both. I haven't been a member here long, but I have been made to feel very welcome by you and others. I do appreciate that moderation is a hard row to hoe and I wish you both the very best in your personal lives. Good to get the priorities right!

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