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Hi Amin,
I don't know whether I've found a bug in the software or it is related to my browser/OS in my computer.

I tried to change my avatar picture and can't do that, so it seems.

  1. First I tried to change the pic with Safari browser, just selected new picture to be used as avatar, I get flash upload completed. I select okay, and old avatar remains in place
  2. Then I first deleted the old avatar. Selected new one, again 'Upload completed', selected okay, and old avatar popped up, strange
  3. Then I thought maybe it is the browser cache, changed to Firefox, same procedures, same results = can't change the avatar

OS X 10.11.3 El Capitan
Safari 9.0.3
Firefox 42.0

What could be wrong here?

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All I get is a hockey player no matter which browser on OS X 10.11.3 El Capitan


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I remember before the software change there used to be 2 different avatars. I forget what they were called. But one would be on your profile page, and another one would be used alongside your posts. Maybe there is only one in the new software, I can't find two different places to load an avatar.

Have you tried to completely delete it and just leave it blank? Does the hockey player remain?
Now I deleted avatar from iPhone.

I attached the pic showing no avatar.


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Hi @Matero, we do some caching at the CDN level, so after you change your avatar it may appear that nothing has changed, but after a while you will see the new avatar. I'm not exactly sure how long that takes. Currently I'm not seeing any avatar for you.
Hi Amin, I deleted the hockey player avatar 3.47 PM (I think my local time +2 GMT). That's why you couldn't see it.

Then I just tried to upload new one. Immediately when I selected another pic for avatar, BW portrait, all I can see is this hockey player. Look the attached pic. At least I don't know whether there is now avatar or not. And hockey player or BW portrait. Strange EDIT: I see now hockey player, although uploaded the BW portrait for sure

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