Micro 4/3 Charlie Waite 'Travelling Light' DVD

Ray Sachs

Not too far from Philly
Real Name
you should be able to figure it out...
Thanks Andy. I remember some of his videos associated with that film a couple of years ago when I was considering the LX5. He's a very effective salesman for Panasonic, being a good enough photographer to pull stunning images out of whatever he's shooting with... I love his 2011 video from Istanbul touting the LX5. I miss that camera and I expect I'd like the LX7 even more given the faster lens and better controls. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to skip this generation though, until Pany catches up to the RX100 in terms of sensor performance. The LX7 controls and lens with the RX100 sensor might just be my dream travel camera, even if it takes a slightly larger package than the LX7 to pull it off.



He lives just up the road from me. Never seen him with a compact, always has a big dSLR
I saw some of his landscapes at a recent Arts Week - beautifully printed on watercolour paper, nicely framed, deadly sharp and perfectly composed ... and completely dead ... plus he wanted around £600 each ...

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