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Greetings, everybody . . .

I shoot a lot of infrared with my Kolari-converted X-E2 (720nm native, but I use an 850nm filter much of the time). And most of my Fuji lenses have from annoying to unbearable hotspots. Even the 18-135, which I got specifically for IR because it was said to be hotspot-free, does fairly horrible color vignetting. So I'm toying with the notion of trying out one or two of the cheap manual-focus lenses from China. But before I fork over money to give it a try, I thought I'd see if anyone here had shot any infrared with any of them and, if so, which one(s) and how it worked out. There's some variation -- for instance, among my slightly-more-expensive Rokinons the 8mm fisheye works perfectly, while the 12mm f2 had a bad hotspot at every aperture.

So -- anybody shot infrared with Meike or 7artisans or suchlike?
Okay, in that there seems to be a dearth of information on the subject, I just ordered the 25mm f1.8 Meike (allegedly better QC than 7artisans) in Fuji mount with a UV filter and hood for $94 from Amazon (which unlike China takes returns if it's not up to expectations). I'll report back one way or the other, in case there's burning interest.<g>


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You've got my interest. :) Infrared is one of those areas that's pretty interesting but the budget doesn't allow me to get more gear to play with it.

I know recently @bilzmale has been doing some IR work but I don't recall what kind of gear he's using.

Thanks Kevin, I'm using Oly lenses with my GF1 and have not had a 'hot spot' problem. My Sigma 40mm is OK too.
Okay, everybody, we have some preliminary answers, which are neither as bad nor as good as could be imagined. I'll put up a series of test images in the Showcase. Gotta say that I love the 25mm f1.8 Meike, which is just right for an X-E. (Of course I put a good UV filter on it and a hood; I always use hoods as protectors, but with flare-prone lenses such as the Meikes they're essential for hood reasons, too. Though the cheap one I got was made by someone who does not seem to know what hoods are for, so next task is to give it a good coat of flat black on the inside.) Anyway, the X-E2 looks kinda cool with the 25.
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