Leica Cheap Chinese-made M-mount 50mm f1.1 "Sonnar" Lens


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I don't have the Sonnetar- but will becomparing this one against the C-Sonnar and others fairly soon. The Sonnetar is basically the 5cm F2 design without the "Filler" in the front triplet. This lens is basically the Zunow with out the filler glass.
Sonnetar also modern coating all surfaces......and queer coma/focus adjustment that can prove handy as yo change cameras.

Focus and aperture controls can be frustrating if not familiar.


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Found my M3 in the basement, and the 7Artisans lens fits and locks perfectly.
I don't have access to my M4 yet (It's in a shipping container in California. Or maybe Nebraska now.) That's the Leica that 7Artisans said would not work with this lens. Modifications to fix that issue caused the slight burp in supply between July and September.
I do have an MDa, which is just an M4 with no viewfinder of its own, and the 7Artisans lens fits pretty well on that. Just barely touches the lens release button, which it shouldn't do, but fits and locks correctly.

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