Cheap Serious EVIL compact from Kenko ...



More lenses than either Oly or Panny have offered individually for a cheap, no-frills body.
Quote from mirrorless rumors site:
"Kenko’ announced their mirrorless C-mount digital camera with 14 megapixel sensor. It’s a very “basic” camera, it can’t take videos and it doesn’t have a built-in flash. It will be on market in Summer for about $300. If you look on the image above you will see many awesome fast C-mount lenses which you usually can find on eBay (Click here). Those lenses are usually made for video use only so don’t expect them to be good. But on the other hand they are very cheap. . It will certainly not be a Micro Four Thirds or NEX competitor but I bet it could become a very popular camera! "

Wonder what sensor size - sounds better frankly than the rumored pentax EVIL that may only have a LX5 sized sensor ...:rolleyes:


i saw this somewhere else, and I just wonder who is going to buy it? (in enough quantity for it having been worth to design and tool up for I mean ...)


Los Angeles
This is actually very interesting, sensor size fit for c-mount.

But I guess lens factor will be larger than 2x, maybe 2.5-3x? (since M 4/3 is a tad big really for c-mount.)

There's a lot of cheap, fast, reasonable c-mount glass.