Announcement Check your account preferences - "View sidebar when viewing threads"


Code Monkey 🐒
Normally when viewing threads, such as this one, there are no sidebars shown. An option was added so that the sidebars would display or not. The 'default' if no specific choice was made was "Yes" and the sidebars were shown. The default for the option has been reverted to be "No" with no sidebars in threads shown.

By not having the sidebars turned on by default when viewing threads you may see a slight speed increase when loading pages. Folks on a fast connection likely won't notice any difference.

If you want to always have the sidebars shown then update your preferences by visiting your account preferences and selecting "Yes" for the "View sidebar when viewing threads" choice.


While there it's recommended everybody check all of their preferences to see if their current choices are still what they want. If nothing else it's a good way of spotting some choices that you may not have noticed before or were aware of. 👍