Cheers from Portugal



How are you?
I just registered today.
I came in contact with this great site when searching the web for opinions and reviews of compact cameras, since I'm currently searching for one.
I read all the reviews and some great articles. Really great site! Very informative.
So, about me...
My name is Gonçalo and I'm from Portugal.
I'm not a professional photography, but photography is one of my 3 passions.
The other 2 are sports and travel.
I've been into photography since about 7 or 8 years old and I'm currently 29.

I hope to learn a whole lot here and get inspired by some great work!



betwixt and between
Real Name
Gonçalo, thanks so much for your introduction and welcome aboard!

Please keep us posted on your decisions regarding this upcoming compact camera, and, in the meantime, please make yourself at home.:th_salute:

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