Leica CL with Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 Heliar Ultra Wide Angle

OK, so tonight I tried limiting the ISO to 100 and 200. Used the tripod and shot exposures of around 1 second. Here are some shots taken with the CV 21mm f1.8. I did not shoot wide open, but at and around f4

Not too much noise, but they seem almost too sharp, clinical maybe.

So I went out last night with the CL and the CV 15mm f4.5 determined to get good B&W images with less noise than my first attempt. This time I tried different settings with the camera and shot with the aid of a monopod.

I developed the images in ON1 Raw and then I thought they were too dark. I processed them again in LR using the auto exposure button. I might have run into the dynamic range limit of the CL... The noise again appears when trying to recover the shadows.

Please bear with me, the post is image heavy. I tried to get interesting images but beauty is in the eye of the beholder :)
I will say that walking the (almost) empty streets fairly late at night is kind of a little adventure. I think it's fairly safe as one can keep considerable distance from anyone or anything that might seem unsafe, still.....

the images got inserted in the reverse sequence, imagine walking backward and taking shots :)

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I was one of those who wasn't bothered by the grain in your second attempt quoted above with the 15mm. I prefer that one because the combination of grain, wider angle of view and not perfectly straight verticals conveys a grittiness and a feeling of imprompty which I like. The second series is technically superior but much less interesting to me.


Open up to f/1.8 and you should find the clinicality greatly alleviated ;)


Assuming these shots are taken at ISO 200, f/4 and 1/2 sec,

at ISO 800 (+ 2 stops)
at f/1.8 (+ 2.3 stops)
at 1/30 sec (- 4 stops)

Should be fine. If the CL is too lightweight to stably hold you might get blur but that's how it would go for on a heavy M body.

I agree that if I shoot wide open, the sharpness would fall off... However, The focus point becomes critical and (for me) not easy to attain. With the RF in the M240, it's easier, but since I'm shooting with the CL, there's a learning curve.

I must confess that I just cannot remember everything I learned shooting the Nikon, Sigma and Mu43 Olympus/Panasonic setups. I've definitely worked with the gear to try and get certain results. It just seems that I need to learn everything again when I embark into projects with new gear...

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