Leica Clams from the Gulf of Mexico ... and Lina


link: October 2017 iPhone 6 Clams Project - raid

Yesterday, I went with my 12 year old daughter (Lina) to Pensacola Beach to collect 150 clams from the Gulf of Mexico. I had to fist purchase a license to be able to do this legally. I stuck my iphone in my back pocket, and I helped Lina count and save the 150 clams for her science experiment. While I had with me a small camera backpack with two M 4/3 cameras, there was no time to use them.

This is a panorama image of the scene. Lina is on the left in the water.


It had rained that morning, so there was water on the beach.


A close-up of the water. It looked interesting to me.


People chatting at the beach is a slice of life.


More people are arriving to the beach, but it was 9:30am on a Saturday.


This is how the beach looked like as we were leaving the beach to drive to the UWF Marine Biology Lab to meet a Professor who would help Lina with her science project (on clams)


Line-the young scientist!


The clams for her experiment on freeze tolerance (studying future climate changes and the way clams may be affected by it)


Lina recording in her "Log" the details for her project. The clams are seen being cooled down with ice.


The final destination for the clams (The Freezer).


I spent all day long with Lina on her experiment. It was after 7pm when we left UWF to drive back home.

This was my Lina just a few years ago!


This is Life.
Lina has a very impressive Mad Scientist Laugh...

Seems like the kind of experiment that would lend itself to it.

I can't believe how fast the kids have grown up.

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