Fuji Classic Negative recipe

Someone has a recipe for the new Classic Negative film simulation. I've tried it, and it looks good. Although I have no idea if it is identical to what comes with the Pro3.

  1. Go in Image Quality (I.Q.) menu.
  2. Select 400% dynamic range.
  3. Select Classic Chrome film simulation;
  4. Grain Effect at strong, just for the heck of it (to keep the “pure photography experience”;
  5. White balance: Auto, R: -2 B: +4
  6. Highlight tone to 0;
  7. Shadows tone to +0 (or -1 for the EXACT look, but I find it boring, so spice it up with +2)
  8. Color to -1
  9. Sharpness to -4
  10. Noise Reduction to -4
  11. Lens modulation optimizer OFF

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