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Jan 2, 2011
having just returned from holiday, I've bunged a load of stuff in the washing machine and as I hung it out to dry, my polarising filter and a lens cleaning cloth fell out of the pocket of a jacket. I was using the "delicates" cycle, of course ...

as my summicron is looking a bit grubby, i thought i might try this technique on it next time I have load to do ...


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Jul 12, 2010
Philly, Pa
Paul, be sure to use a fabric softener. This will prevent spots from forming on the glass and use warm water for the rinse cycle.....
I would not suggest using a dryer but just use the air dry procedure..... this will keep the lens lube from leaking in the dryer and making a mess....
Let me know how it works....and please post a vid or some pics....
thanks and good luck Doc....
your special patient...


Jan 2, 2011
Helpful pointers, Mr. S.
This DIY approach has really given me food for thought
I have just fished an old toothbrush out of the bin, as I think it could be good for getting the dust off my E-P2's sensor, especially if I use a dab of Fairy Liquid

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