Leica Close focus hack of Canon 50mm F1.4?


I have a Canon 50mm F1.4 and it is very sharp, good focus. Great up close (has been adjusted by van Maanen Zoetermeer, nl).
Now the close focus distance is 1.00 m. Not very practical, I mean, it leaves a lot to wish for.
Could it be possible to 'hack' this lens and take out a bit of internal cam?
The lens does not open up as easy as a Jupiter-3 - in the J-3 you can clearly see where the little pin hits the ring, so there one can start to cut off a cm or two. [That is, unless one has turned the bottom cantilever by 180º, a quite charming trick for adjustment I found out during lubrication].
The Canon is great, look at the details and the shades of red.
You can use a simple trick for dedicated close-up: place a shim between the lens and the m-Mount adapter so the lens does not screw in all the way.

Next time I lube a Canon 50/1.8 or 50/1.4- will take a look. I suspect a fair bit of machining is required.


Thanks, yes did something like that with a J-8 as experiment (baking paper is excellent) but I can’t do it on the run. A dedicated ring is a good separate attachment I guess.

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