Codec lets you view RAW natively in Windows


thanks Boid, well spotted ... it is indeed about time ... no support for Sigma though unfortunately :frown:


Just installed it (the 64-bit version) ... it doesn't seem to work at all for ORFs or DNGs ... no images displayed in Explorer as thumbs whether large small medium or extralarge ...
Thankyou- it works with Windows Live Photo Viewer, don't think it was intended to bring up thumbnails. But faster than using LR for a quick look.


The download page does say
micro$oft said:
Installing this package will allow supported RAW camera files to be viewable in Windows Explorer.
so I can only assume that means as thumbs within explorer.
i'll have to put a support call in and see what they say;


would one of you for whom this is working properly be kind enough to attach a raw file that does display on your systems that I can d/l to test? I'm getting no joy still & I just want to rule out that it's my files that are problematic rather than my system ... thanks

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