Leica Coldest weather?

I've used the M8 and M9 in 0F weather- no problem.

The same is not true of the M Monochrom: myself, and a number of users, have noted problems with the shutter cocking mechanism winding repeatedly after taking a shot.


That's colder than I've used the M9 or M240 to. Both of those into the twenties Fahrenheit, though.

Have had the X Vario down to the 'oughts, cold-soak walking about freezing myself before the camera.


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I've used the M8 at -5 degrees F, albeit only for about 25 minutes. Mechanically, it worked perfectly. The most significant limitation I encountered was battery life, only getting about half of my usual number of shots. This is probably the case for just about any camera though.


I have used my M9 in Norway at -20c and no problems and a Nikon D800 in Greenland in -40c and again no problems. Just keep it in a good bag and take it out only when you will use it.

I had more problems with the cold than the cameras did.

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My M2 took -28C in its stride during a Czech Christmas a year or ten ago. No batteries to grumble, of course, whereas my M6 TTL demanded new cells for its meter during a Tallinn visit a few years later - a balmy -12C or so on that occasion (shutter seemed to be fine, though).


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Haven't used my Ms in very cold weather yet.

I've used a Leica IIIa in -15C weather (sitting in the back of an open GMC truck in the Belgian Ardennes in the heart of winter). Shutter was sluggish. Those photos didn't make the cut.
Sir Edmund Hillary used a type 118 Retina on his climb of Mount Everest! His had the Tessar on it, mine has the Xenar.

I'm hoping that my M Monochrom with the new sensor, circuit board, and firmware does better in the Cold. That test can wait, enjoying Summer much to much to worry about it now.

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