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Expired Collapsible Leica Summicron 5cm f2 in M mount

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May 4, 2011
Tasmania, Australia
For sale is the collapsible M mount Summicron 5cm that I bought from Brian a few months ago through these classifieds. The body of the lens is in pristine condition but the glass is hazy and has some cleaning marks. I bought it in this condition and it does take very nice 'atmospheric' portraits but does flare badly in direct light, otherwise it can be cleaned. I have included a photo taken with it on my M9 below. I'm asking what I paid for it - $250 plus shipping and paypal fees. It will be express shipped with insurance at cost.



New Member
Jun 4, 2012
i have this same lens and it gives that old, nostalgic look to the photos due to its low contrast character. Works very well in high contrast lighting and b&w images.
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