color emphasis

Playing around with the new color emphasis mode on the NEX:

These turned out great:



Go here for more info and the failures:


Thanks BB, in camera you just select which color you want to keep and it does away with the rest for you. You get to select the range of tones, for example deep dark blues to lighter more sky blues, that you want to keep too. Its not perfect though, and you have to find a good subject I guess, otherwise you get some colour elsewhere, like a little bit behind the boat. In that case I use the desaturating brush in LR to tidy up :)


Not quite sure Jimmy, the K5's got the feature in camera, but I don't know abt the olympus cameras, if you have Light Room 3 you could also do this by desaturating the colours you don't want and use a brush set to desaturate.

Thanks Dave, I agree, the sign display was just right for it. I guess I don't like the boat that much too, think I shd have taken a better angle/perspective on it when i took the photo, and probably higher contrast in my pp.

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