Color or BW?

NEX-5 with 70-300mm. What do you say, color or BW?


bigger version


bigger version


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Raf, even in color, the clarity slider would add the details....
It's a beautiful bird against a drab background. Very good juxtaposition. It reinforces the struggle for beauty to survive. Thus the reason I posted the above idea.
As someone said in another forum, nature deserves color :)
Anyone who knows me from other forums knows I'm not a nature photographer at all (as a matter of fact this is probably one of the first pictures of a bird I've ever taken), but it IS something I would really like doing more often and you have to start sometime. I've just received this 70-300mm and I was super happy about taking it to the zoo this weekend (I figured it would be better to start with animals that don't move much first hehehe) but I've got some bad flu and ended up staying at home all weekend...I was very frustrated and this little bird was the only thing I've managed to shoot so far (it was actually THE only shot I've taken of the bird).


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Rafael, I hope you're on the mend soon and do understand your desire to do more nature photography. I think that if I had more access that I'd go in that direction and, of course, then need a nice long lens for a camera. Get well soon and please report back very soon!