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betwixt and between

Leica X1 f/4 @ 1/60th ISO 400

I've posted this in black and white, on another image thread, too.
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Antonio, you're not wrong! It's all a matter of taste, sometimes. But thanks for your vote of confidence. I really wasn't sure which I liked better. I guess I like them both.

I really like this photo of yours - is it another one from that day you photographed the painter in the square? I know I remember another photo. You should show it to him.
The gelato bar at work today. Every one is made fresh the day it's served. I caved. I had pumpkin (upper left) and chocolate (2nd from right, top) with dinner. Taken with an iPhone 4.

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Oh, yeah, dinner.

Blackened catfish rémoulade $8.00
Catfish fillets with brown sugar, spices, egg yolks, olive oil, cornichon, caper, mustard, and fresh herbs.

Now I'm hungry!!!!!!

Very nice images everyone!!!
The Star of India is the world’s second largest and most famous blue star sapphire and is on display at the American Natural Museum of History. Here are some fun facts

- 563 carats - about the size of a golf ball
- donated by JP Morgan in 1900
- stolen in 1964 in the biggest jewel heist in the history of America

Here's a website with more history and facts. Star of India | Internet Stones.COM-Jewelry and Mineral Blog

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Shot with Nex-3 82mm,-.7EV, f8, .4sec