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Apr 2, 2018
I'm wondering whether you tried any of those shots previously at a lower iso - with that correct shutter speed, I'd have thought the M240 would have been more than capable, no?
How do you mean? Are you talking about the noise? The shutter speed and ISO information are correct -- apertures should all be f/2.

If you're worried about the banding in noise -- yes, it is most unfortunate. It shouldn't happen at ISO 3200 but I may have pushed the exposure after first playing with the tone curves. One of the reasons to have lust after M10. I just try to keep cool and wait for the light in 2-3 months. I just simply don't need that body distraction in my life right now. :cautious:
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Apr 2, 2018
Is it the case that some have balconies and some don't? Or do the apartments without balconies at the front, have them at the back?
Good question. Originally built and planned, I believe the customary thing is to either give each apartment a balcony, or give none. It's been in the fashion to demand balconies for the last 3 decades so I don't think any new apartments are being built without one.

I gave this another thought.

They can be towards the back yard. In this case some apartments probably didn't get balconies in the first place.

Everything goes, I'd guess :coffee:
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Jan 28, 2014
Helsinki, Finland
As @mike3996 told, everything goes :D
Not all apartments were designed to have balconies. Sometimes the few balconies are on the backside and meant to be used for cleaning and airing blankets etc.
Smaller apartments usually didn’t have balconies.

Nowadays the balconies are the norm. It would be a bit suicidal to design apartments without.

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