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Surprise visit

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Somerset, UK
Still, not bad. If you don't mind me saying, though, giving the subjects face a slightly softer contrast in post might work here. But overall quite a nice look, and this with the Sony "nifty fifty"!
I will lighten up the shadows on the face. I usually apply a negative Texture brush on the face to smooth out the skin a little bit and that tones down the contrast as well.

Yus, it was the first time I got to use the nifty fifty for dedicated portrait but can't say I'm particularly happy with it. Of course it's cheap and you get what you pay for, the sharpness is not as good as my Tamron 28-75mm f 2.8 G2 and the colour aberration are giving me quite a bit of extra work to deal with. I've been thinking and wanting a bit better "normal" FL lens that is a bit better corrected and sharper.