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Seen at the flea market

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Thank you, Matt.
The only real changes I made to it, apart from minor tweaking of the colors and some S-curves, was imposing a square frame on the micro-four-thirds rectangular shaped negative. I've been obsessing about square frames on and off for awhile, mainly because some of my favorite photographers shot in square formats and I keep thinking about them (though I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger on a Rolleiflex ;))
I’ve been leaning back into squares, and the 65:24 format. Although I will stay digital for my square format shots.
At a benefit concert and Hula dance performance for the homeless and injured in Maui after the recent devastating fires in Lahaina, a number of Hawaiian musicians and Hula dancers gathered in a small town in southern Oregon. The music was cool, the dancers were splendid, and the Kahlua pork roasted by the local Hawaiian 'aunties' was mouthwateringly good. The whole evening was brilliant - and the same adjective applies to the shoes worn by the lead singer...

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