Announcement Community Update - October 9, 2019


Code Monkey 🐒
There's been a few changes around the Cameraderie community this Summer and with a lot of discussions taking place in various spots it's easy to miss some of them. :)

Note: There's been discussion on many of these items already so be sure to check out the linked threads for the corresponding discussions. ;)
  • New "Smartphones" forum. It's been a long time coming but overdue, there is now a dedicated smartphones forum in the Gear category. You can find it under the Alternatives section. A bunch of threads have already been moved in there and we'll move others as we come across them.
  • New default theme. The new "Really Dark" theme is currently set as the community default. The Light/Medium/Dark themes are still available as well.
  • New "Nominate for Featured" thread. A new dedicated thread is available for nominating an image to be 'featured' on the front page.
  • New "Back button" in menu. For mobile users you may have noticed a new button icon in your menu.
  • New "Mark your Classifieds thread as completed" guide. I thought I wrote up those instructions a long time ago. Whoops. For our members posting in the classifieds area that guide will show how to mark your item as completed.
  • New "Showcases" menu listing. The number of gear Showcase forums is continuing to grow. To make them easier to quickly get to there is a new entry at the bottom of the Galleries category with links to the various gear Showcase forums.

And one more reminder, Check your "Email Settings"!

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