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I hear you. And what you're thinking of doing may come to pass. My advice: Don't rush. Hang onto the DSLR for a bit. Learn how to get the most out of your GR D before deciding. Enthusiasm for really good compact cameras is great. I'm right there with you. But it doesn't necessarily preclude other types of cameras. Sometimes, a DSLR is the right tool for the job. Unless you want to swap the DSLR for a Fuji XE-1.


The X10 is a great little camera. It's not a 100% replacement for an interchangeable lens camera (DSLR or mirrorless) but it is very capable and the 28-112mm equivalent f/2.0-2.8 zoom lens is remarkable. You won't get the extreme shallow DOF for portraits because of the size of the sensor but the results I get from my X10 are largely indistinguishable -- in terms of ISO noise and detail -- from the results from older DSLRs like my Nikon D2X (again, excluding the shallow DOF you can achieve with a DSLR).




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As a street photographer, I've found I don't need the shallow depth of field quite as much as I thought when I got my DSLR. That said, if I decide I want that look back, I'd rather get a different DSLR than the one I currently have. The Sony stl-a35 is kind of a dud as far as entry-level DSLRs go. I'd much rather be using the D5200 or the T4i for those sorts of shots. The half-stop or so of lightloss from the translucent mirror, coupled with the proprietary hotshoe make it a pain in the ass to use for serious, studio portraiture.

Though, maybe I should reconsider and save up for the X-E1 and a few choice lenses.


I'm a believer in making the best of the tool you have. If the camera I have doesn't allow shallow DOF then I won't try and make it do it because I'll be disappointed.

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