Compact System Camera Image Quality - An Analysis


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Some interesting stuff but I find their comments on sensors odd. They group all CSC sensors together and seem to assume throughout that DSLR means full frame.So the fact that the sensors in NEX models have all been used as DSLR sensors (as was the 43 sensor once) is ignored.


'Luminous-Landscape' is a good site and often has very useful information. Also, the level of debate on it's discussion page is of a high level of both experience and intelligence, so, all in all, I have found 'LL' to be a very valuable resource over the last several years.

Unfortunately, resources of value rarely come without drawbacks and 'LL' has a few of those. The whole site has a distinct leaning towards 'retired wealth' which means that there are invariably shortfalls in reality with respect to realworld issues and value for money considerations etc.

Although there are very good articles on 'LL' there have sadly been several recently that were/are essentially without object or value,..and this latest one is something of a 'microscope slide' in illustrating the affliction......

.....The writers have chosen to ignore the reality of current camera markets segments and even gone as far as to rename 'micro four thirds' as "CSC". Additionally, they apparently see DSLR's as obviously being 'full frame',....the implication presumably being that APS-C models are not really serious systems.

As usual the whole article is quite verbose and pedantic in tone and has no logic or object since it does not take a raft of professors to work out that the sensor in a 'girlycam' will never offer the same image quality as one that is three times the size as found in the DSLR 'warhorses'...... I notice that the original intention was to also compare 'point and shoot' digicams for some reason, but this seems to have not made it the the table at the end........
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