Infrared Images Comparison of various IR wavelength filters. Processsed from RAW.


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The 5 RAW images in the previous post are processed as follows:
1. In Adobe Camera Raw apply a pre-prepared camera profile which is based on a custom IR white balance.
2. In ACR use the eyedropper to set local WB from a neutral area.
3. In PS use the Channel Mixer to swap the Red and Blue channel values. This was not appropriate for the full spectrum image.
4. Save the file.

There is obviously a lot more PP possible but levels were auto-adjusted and synced using On1 Photo RAW for comparison.

PGF-1_FullPsWB copy copy.jpg
PGF-1_590nmPsWB+ChSwap copy copy.jpg
PGF-1_630nmPSWB+ChSwap copy copy.jpg
PGF-1_720nmPsWB+ChSwap copy copy.jpg
PGF-1_850nmPsWB+ChSwap copy copy.jpg

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