Comparison review of the G7X to the RX100M3.


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Nov 12, 2010
ouch, that was a bit harder to read than I expected! :p pretty girl makes up for it though.

From what I can see in the 100% crops, the Sony on average does seem to show a bit more detail across the frame and across the ISO range, but the difference isn't so great that I'd let that weigh more heavily than the differences in features (EVF, zoom range mainly).

PS: Canon, it was bad enough that you released a G1X when Panasonic already had a GX1; now that Panny's followed that up with the GX7, did you REALLY have to make a jump of 6 for your new model name too?!?

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Sep 21, 2010
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you should be able to figure it out...
As discussed elsewhere, these are stock jpeg comparisons. Some of the differences are probably down to settings, and different defaults for sharpening and NR. SOME of the difference is no doubt because the G7X has a more aggressive lens design and probably requires more in-camera correction. And some is no doubt due to differences in the lenses themselves. Many of the differences will disappear once there's raw support for the Canon, some won't. But as Bart says, I wouldn't decide between these two cameras based on small differences in IQ, particularly those that you can only see at 100%. They use the same sensor so the bottom line is the IQ will be similar enough other than the differences in the lenses. The G7X may give up a bit of IQ at some focal lengths in exchange for HAVING some focal lengths. I'd decide based on features and interface/controls, etc. Neither of these cameras are IQ monsters - they're compact pocket cameras that are both amazingly good for what they are, but they still are what they are. Look elsewhere for groundbreaking IQ. Don't sweat the small stuff. Or do, but I surely wouldn't...

To me, the G7X is the sleeper of the current crop of compacts. It wasn't on my radar at all before this set of announcements but now it's the only one I'm giving some real thought to buying. Although I'd prefer it bigger with a feature set and controls closer to the LX100, I like the design around the 1" sensor, like the zoom range, and like some of the features it has that the RX100 doesn't. I suspect I'll like the shooting experience a lot more than I did the RX100 but less than I did the LX7 or would with the LX100. Time will tell on that one. If I could design my perfect compact it would be a body however big it needed to be (probably somewhere in the LX100 - G1XmkII size range) to put a 24-120 f1.8-f2.8 lens in, almost surely with the same Sony 1" chip. And with LX100 features and controls. But nobody is giving me that opportunity so given what's out there, the G7X is the one that pushes the most buttons for me. And it's not all that close really. Much to my surprise...


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