Micro 4/3 Configuring the Panasonic LX100?


Sep 18, 2014
Hey all,

I just got me one of these LX100 to replace my Olympus E-P5 that I was using for stills/video with either the Panasonic 25/1.4 or the Olympus 12-40/2.8 zoom.

I'm brand new to Panasonic menus and shooting so I'm finding it a steep learning curve to setting it up and getting the right functionality (zebras/peaking/focus magnification) - features that were not available on the Olympus cameras in video mode. Also, I'm struggling a bit with getting face detection working.

Also, would love hearing from people who have set it up to be able to switch quickly for stills settings, to settings for video (manual mode, 180o shutter, automatic focus with manual override, quick WB/ISO changes). I see that there are customisations (C1, C2, C3) but not sure how to apply them quickly without a mode dial.

Yes, I need to read the manual, and I am in the process of doing so, but looking for some help from those that are shooting with the Panasonic menus, and specifically the LX100. Sometimes the manual is not too helpful there. People say that the Olympus menus are confusing, but as soon as you learn them and set them up, everything you need is in the SCP.



P.S. First impressions is that the EVF is usable, but I miss my tilting Olympus VF-4. I can't believe how light the LX100 is, even compared to my E-PM2 with 17/1.8 prime (although I haven't weighed them). I also really like the LX100 grip.

I'll post some pictures once I figure out how to work the camera properly. I'm trying to learn it before I visit my inlaws in Spain over Christmas. I probably will take the E-PM2 with a couple of primes for backup, just in case :)

Jock Elliott

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Jan 3, 2012
Troy, NY
I find the LX100 pretty set up right out of the box, but I already had a couple of Panasonics.

If you slide the switch on the lens barrel to manual, you'll get fluorescent blue "sparklies" around what's in focus.

In MENU, you can adjust the PHOTO STYLES to meet your needs; I set mine to +2 sharpening and -1 noise reduction.

The default for the lens barrel band is focusing when in manual focus mode and zoom jumps (24mm, 28mm, etc.) otherwise; I left it that way.

I turned on the software switch to allow me to take a normal backup photo when using one of the filters -- you have to have a filter turned on for this software function to be available.

Since I don't use the WiFi function, I configured Fn2 as an ON/OFF for silent mode.

Also, I turned on i.Zoom and Digital zoom, to give up up to 300mm (e) for use in a pinch.

Cheers, Jock

Lawrence A.

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Nov 8, 2012
New Mexico
You can't use izoom or Digital zoom with the camera set to raw & sf jpeg. You have to shoot just jpeg, which I can't bring myself to do. I'd love the option of using the digital zoom in a pinch, though, if for no other reason that to frame the jpeg the way I want for a reference when I process the raw file.

I agree that Olympus menus are very logical once you know how they are set up -- the Panasonic are still a mystery. I mean why would you want to wade through seven pages of settings?

Still, I love the LX100. Best compact zoom I'm had.
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