Critique Wanted Confusion.


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reminds me of the incident when a car was driven straight out of the car park through the crash barrier 10 floors up

cannot recall the exact details - but it was in central London some years ago and not pleasant - I think that it was the car park behind the old Daily Mirror, (of Robert Maxwell fame), building ........ the car park with the lift that takes the car up to it's parking space

I do not think that it was done by accident.........i.e. there was intent
Perspective of the vertical columns messes with your eyes.

I just realized that you shot this through some windows, but I still don't understand why the glass appears to be be rippling/ wavy.

But see, the thing is I didn't shoot it through the windows!

What you're looking at is a reflection of the car park across the laneway which is behind me.

The photo itself is actually an office building and if you look carefully, you can see the desks and office lights and office files through the windows. The car park is actually an illusory reflection off the glass.

But even though I know that, and I intended the photo to look this way, it still confuses me everything I look at it.

Bill - sounds like a very bad attempt at an insurance claim! Or did you perhaps stumble on the set of a James Bond film?
You know what, you're right Luke it's the office that looks like the reflection, not the car park. That's the disorienting part.

I've been staring at this photo for a while now and I think the upper floors of the office building just happen to coincide in some weird way with the reflection of the car park which adds to the illusion that the car park is 'real'.


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I like reflections of buildings in buildings or using building glass as mirrors.. I think it's great. Confusing? I can tell what is going on.. but it almost has that 50/50 look so I couldn't tell you which one you were pointed at, carpark or offices.. and that too is actually kinda cool.


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Actually, at first I thought it was a parking garage where someone had repurposed some of the spaces as office cubicles. I'd just reached the point of thinking, "how do they keep the furniture from getting wet?" when I noticed that over on my right, one of the tall bookcases and one of the cars appear to be occupying the same space. Now I realize you've captured a rare disturbance in the space-time continuum where two parallel universes are coming together in a most unpleasant way. You can't fool me with all this talk about reflections! ;-)

In short, really cool picture!