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Jul 14, 2010
This is one of the shots of this challenge of which I instantly knew that it might most probably be the winner.


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
:blush: Thanks so much, you all - including you, too, Bill:p - I was very lucky to be visiting our good friend and to find she'd left some of her tomato harvest sitting on her picnic table...and the lighting was too beautiful to ignore.

Much appreciated and now, on to this week's challenge!:2thumbs: It was wonderful to wake up and find that we've already got two entries!!


Administrator Emeritus
Jul 12, 2010
Philly, Pa
Congrats Sista! Very nice pre-salad image.

Ok guys. It's time we rethink our approach to the WC. We need to step up a little more serious. The wimmin folks are nailing the WC and we are getting too far behind.
So let's show the ladies that we not only have kewl cameras but know how to use them also....

Good luck everyone.

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