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congrats on a truly wonderful image, that has everything going for it; evocative setting, nice colours adding to the mood, good composition, perfect timing, and above all a very strong emotional impact, both in terms of showing the way of life in Venice, and making you cross your fingers for the man to land safely (boy, do those stones look slippery and hard!).
One of the best images I've seen on SC so far!


Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
Many thanks to all for your kind words -and votes! I am honoured.

I feel I should tell the story behind the shot. I was in Venice for a long weekend to participate in the LUF "One Challenge". I was wandering around the morning before the Challenge and, as so often in Venice, turned a corner, walked down an alley and came to a vista like this. I had in my hand my M7 with a Zeiss Sonnar, but no wideangle lens, so fished out my little Panasonic instead. I went to stand on the very spot that the officer is about to land on, and nearly went for a swim, it was so slippery! I backed off and took two or three shots of the scene, then spotted the boat approaching, apparently to moor. I realised it was coming in fast (it actually moored about 20 yards further on) then saw the officer about to leap. He landed perfectly and strolled away with true Italian brio.

Timing is the essence of good comedy :D

Thanks again, and here's to the next one!


Well done. Definitely hit the nail on the head. Leave you a little in suspense. The final outcome of that photo is up for grabs... no clear scenario. Could go either way. I think it is that tension that really defines this as the essence of "the moment." As I said... well done and congrats!