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... Booka who is this week's winner. His image was a clear winner and showed the theme of Juxtaposition beautifully.
Interestingly all images received votes this week so well done to all entrants.



Thanks for the compliments, it's always nice finding an appreciative place online to show your work and can get some sort of a response.

I knew this photo would be special the instant I saw it before me. The problem was that I was walking through the small streets of Greece with a 60lb fulllyloaded touring bicycle and had to balance my bike while taking the photo, and hope that the girl didn't move before I got everything lined up. I did get the photo though.
I've tried processing this photo many different ways to get it right but am still not pleased the light is just to flat to really draw the viewer in. Previously I had it in a square crop but that was really flat, the post on the left and door/elbow on the right give it slightly more depth, but not as much as I would have liked. None the less i'm happy enough that i barely managed not to cut out any of her toes.

Thanks Again.


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The processing is as maxed out as i think it can go while still looking like a natural/believable situation, B&W didn't really work with this photo even though i generally prefer B&W...

Thanks for your submission Woof I probably noticed this yesterday just because of your photo.


I take a lot of architecture, and have been seeing how well the LX-5 will do with my usual workflow. I am increasingly attached to this little camera. Look at the dynamic range and especially how it has held detail in the highlights. I won't fib... this is a three shot bracket (hand held) at two stops apart... -2, 0, +2 with -1/3 exposure compensation. I was not looking for HDR "effect" just a wide range...

The following is intended to be a bit of an abstract, but it was also expressly intended as a juxtaposition between modern architecture and more traditional architecture. Among other things, it has a reflection of the traditional architecture in the window of the modern architecture... which was intentional. I tried both a polarized and non-polarized version and in the end felt that there is meaning in the reflection that informs or enhances an understanding of the juxtaposition. Anyway... it falls short of having a lot of humor as discussed by Bill, but I hope it remains a viable entry nonetheless ... kind regards,



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Congratulations, Booka! I admire you for stopping for that moment - and now reading the backstory about the loaded down bicycle, etc., I'm even more impressed at your determination. Your photograph shows that it was well worth the efforts!:drinks:




Great shot. For me it does very much have the element of humor or whimsy that make a good juxtaposition pop. I read it different ways but got this one very clearly: "I may not be real, but ** I ** have a balloon."

Love it. I understand how this might come out a bit flat in B&W, but perhaps a little "clarify" might add the needed contrast. Either way, the color version is really a great street shot. Kudos!

Thanks for your submission Woof I probably noticed this yesterday just because of your photo.

Thank you kindly. That is very gratifying. I take this kind of thing to be perhaps the highest form of compliment possible. If anything I ever do somehow helps someone else to "see" I do not know how I could ask for more. On the other hand, all here have been, by degrees, improving my vision. I am not really ready yet to venture out on street shooting, but it is increasingly of interest to me.

Thanks again, and congrats to you Booka, and to all for another great weekly.



Oh Pete, you are getting so young!! :)

I always like a picture that makes me smile, so there was no doubt in my eyes that this was the worthy winner. Well done Booka.

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