Congratulations to ...


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Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
... to Will for his most emphatic win with this image.



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UK, Essex
Peter Tachauer
I also knew, soon as I saw it. I am so jealous. I have been there so many times and never once seen this sight.

In fact, I put this photo right up there with that very famous (and much copied) photo of Grand Central Station in Manhattan with the sun streaming through the windows.

Much deserved mate, congrats.


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Down Under
How could this image not win? Jaw-droppingly amazing shot Will. :2thumbs:

I have to ask though, did you simply happen on the shot or lay in readiness for this moment to unfold?


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S W France
Why can't we have a Serious Compacts Weekly Challenge Winner's photobook? Say perhaps the top three from each wee per topic. The photos produced thus far have been great!

I think that the easiest way to initially achieve this is to transfer the winning images to it's own gallery - or if it were possible an "online" photobook that could be scrolled thru.

To make a "hard copy" photobook would contain lots, (too many?) images if three were chosen - IMHO
That's a great idea Bill, the gallery seems like a good way to do this.

Re the hard copy photobook, it would require a little bit of design and formatting but say, a facing page with the winning photo and on the other facing page two smaller sized photos to accompany the winning one, both facing pages repesenting one topic for each week's challenge. 52 weeks a year, double sided pages, it would be a minimum of a 52 page book which isn't that big. Or if single page, a 104 page book, still not a large number of pages at all. This is of course not counting the contents page, foreward from Charlie Waite (hehe), index pages etc.

Anyway just a thought. I think the photos from members here have been fantastic.

PS. When I said 'wee' I meant 'week'.