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Here's an idea for the future of SCs... I'm an interaction designer for software and think about these things daily, and I study what the emerging trends are. More and more we are seeing pages that scroll continuously on and on. For example, you might be reading a blog and as you reach the end of the current "page" of posts it calls for more posts to load, and the reader just keep scrolling and reading without having to click and navigate to a new page. It's a great experience and one that I think readers here might appreciate.

I realize that some sites depend on "page views" for advertising reasons and artificially break content into multiple pages (a circumstance that I do not appreciate as a reader!), but there are other ways to define "views" for ad reasons.

And I fully realize the amount of work such behaviors involve (I work side by side with devs), but perhaps someday... :D


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I've been noticing that trend also and think it's a good one. I don't think we can do it with this forum software, but hopefully they will implement it in an update.

In the meanwhile, those with fast connections can change the number of posts shown per page. I have mine set to 50.