Infrared Images Conversion isn't necessarily necessary

Here are a few made with a cheap 720nm filter stuck on a Fuji X100. They're OOC but for auto white balance and channel swap, done in the GIMP. I particularly like the shadow in the last one.



It also seems to me that angle of incidence is important in infrared, with vignetting being the result of light having to pass through more filter on its way in (or, conversely, in the internal filter of converted cameras) -- you see a whole lot of non-hotspot vignetting in IR pictures, even with lenses that don't otherwise have a hotspot or mess with colors. Reminds me of the vignetting in the Zeiss Hologon Ultrawide camera, with its 15mm lens that vignetted to the extent that it came with a special filter to correct it through a bit of neutral density at the center, fading away at the edges.
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