Canon converting RAW to JPEG


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I have begun to take pretty decent astro shots, but need solid no nonsense way to convert RAW to JPEG
I use a Windows laptop and Canon EOS R5 primarily. any real help would be great. Thank You


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The supplied Canon DPP software works a treat. And it's free. Perfectly & accurately replicates the colours & settings from your camera
That's my experience too; one could call the DPP software slow or basic but in terms of getting those unique/ mythical "Canon Colours" from point and shoot cameras right up to a DSLRs, no other software converts the raw files so well.
DPP works, and you have a license for it at hand when you have a Canon camera. The controls are a bit crude though, and the user interface design is stuck at the good old Amiga 500 days, but that seems common to japanese software in general (I have to work with Omron machine vision software at work...).

I used ART Agriggio when I still had my EOS R. It's more powerful and has finer controls, but the learning curve is a bit steep. Lightroom is easier to learn. But it is open source and thus cheap to try. I used it for years quite happily.