Corel Aftershot Pro


Canton Texas
I saw it already posted here, but one detail about it is if you have the correct link, you can get the full unrestricted program for 19.99. It's intended for upgrades coming from the Bibble program, but it does not check for the previous version during the process of registering your serial number you get through email when you purchase it. I can confirm it works.

Now there is no need to tell me how you are insulted that someone would take advantage of Corel by just paying 20 bucks for it because it's a limited time deal and I figure they have to know about it and could close the loophole if they wanted. For those that feel the need to give them 99.99 for it, it's easy enough to find the link for that avenue too.:eek:

It's a pretty good RAW program. If you don't like Bibble, you won't like the new Corel version because they are essentially the same. Works great on my A77 RAW files. I read somewhere the deal ends this month but can't confirm that.

AfterShot Pro