Coronavirus 2020 🤧

John King

Beaumaris, Melbourne, Australia
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John ...
Also, a doctor from UK told me that by nature, everyone wants what they can’t have - the one everyone where I am seems to be moving away from is AZ as they want the P, but I’m still going to have my mine. 1 in 100,000 chance of it going wrong, I think I’ll take my chances.
Agreed. While I have good reasons for not having any attenuated vaccine, most people do not seem to comprehend the statistical risks associated with everyday things. I have had serious reactions to Fluvax in the past.

The last time I checked, the world wide death rate from taking Warfarin was around 1,700/100,000 per annum. I've been taking Warfarin for 18 years ...

The risk from the Astra Zeneca vaccine is less than a minuscule portion of this.

FCOL, the death rate from long distance flights is greater!!!!
Let alone driving your car to the supermarket ...