Documentary Coronavirus: Emptiness

How about a thread showing the emptiness created by the Coronavirus? With Governments and Health Ministries calling for lockdowns and greatly reduced gatherings of people, we have a unique opportunity to show our cities and their places without the normal bustle of human activity.

South Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado. 3/14/2020.

Normally busy North Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado. 3/14/2020.

What does your town look like amid this scare?
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We’re closed. We had a few seminars today (130 person room limited to 24 people) to get a run down on the available software. The seminars were also available remotely. We have no online courses so both the faculty and ITS are learning all of this in a two week period before the courses open again. Our plan for labs is to demo the labs on video and send data to the students. Not ideal, but workable. I will record classes as videos using my slides from my office. We’re try to be as “asynchronous” as possible. Once a week, I will conduct video conferences with the class. I will answer questions using a web cam and a pad. It’s hard to do “determine the pH of a 0.2 M solution of Formic acid” without writing it out. I will use the test bank from the textbook company to create multiple choice tests. The funny part is that most studies have shown that “solve the problem” tests and MC tests give essentially the same results as an evaluative tool. Individual questions are submitted via email and answered on a pad with a cam phone snapshot. I can do the whole thing in my undies. Welcome to Higher Ed, 2020.


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IMHO, there is really no way this is ending quickly.
I haven't had a chance to get any empty images yet. Probably will soon as all the restaurants are closed for 15 days, except for take out.
Schools are probably out for this academic period...

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I took my kids to an open field park today to fly kites and play some soccer. It looked like a normal park scene with families and couples enjoying the nice sunny weather, the only difference was that people were in full-effect socially/physically distancing themselves. Even if we're free to go about our daily lives, there's definitely a bit of emptiness in the lack of social interaction especially with other families and friends.

Shot with my recently acquired Nikon D700 + 50mm 1.8 G lens:

Sample Images taken with the Nikon D700 12mp FX DSLR Camera Body
by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr
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There are empty aisles at Walmart, but still plenty of food. Again, we're a pretty rural place out here.
I live in a suburban area - mixed impressions from that, but usually, it doesn't look as bad in the shops. The strangest thing is that you still see a lot of people about. However, social distancing seems to work better and better. I still hope that the officials see it the same way and spare us the total curfew some are calling for.



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I live in a suburban valley between the state's two largest cities. Lots of woods and farmland nearby, with most of the population clustered around the principle highway. Traffic doesn't seem to be any less than usual, and stores are picked clean about as fast as they can be stocked. Drive-thru services are getting a lot of business. I've gotten out for a few bike rides over the past few weeks, but it has rained a lot, and I've been hesitant to drive to my usual haunts on days when the weather has been good. Probably no need to be overly concerned since I have long practiced "social distancing" as much as possible.

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