Documentary Coronavirus: Emptiness


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Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
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All the park benches are yellow taped and off limits now too....
That’s a really good visual demonstration of the additional steps being taken where you are compared to where I am.
Same here. I can still drive to the county park and get in a bike ride, although it was beginning to get uncomfortably busy last time I was there. Same with my small neighborhood. 18 laps around the subdivision is slightly over 10 miles, but with kids out playing in the streets on nice days, I try to get out as early as I can. It's becoming more and more difficult to find quiet times for a nice ride.


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Jan 19, 2015
From today, first one a suburban station, second one the main station in Sydney. Both taken at the two AM and PM rush hours during the day and both platforms normally full - in fact with the second one, people are usually elbow to elbow.

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