Documentary Coronavirus: Emptiness


Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
I'm still amazed by the differences in our communities. My wife and I took our dog to the vet for some minor surgery, and the streets in our small bedroom community were crawling with vehicles. Aside from signs saying "Closed" or "Takeout service only", one would not think we were in the middle of a pandemic.


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Aug 1, 2016
Bremen - Germany
Stupidity seems to go viral in the wake of the corona crisis. I had to make a short tour on bike through the adjacent neighborhood. In the medical practice people were stacked in the staircase and corridor. Social distancing suddenly seems to have come to being unfashionable after the lifting of most restrictions.
.....Roads full of cars, parking lots overcrowded, children of all ages crawling and shrieking in the playgrounds....
At the same time infections in town are on the rise. This is worse than a loony bin with the wardens on vacation.


Jan 28, 2014
Helsinki, Finland
We made with wife a hundred mile trip to pick up our second car from storage. The only place open on the route was this tiny kiosk. It was once owned by the family of one Finnish male singer, died in age 39 in 1987. He had very beautiful and distinctive voice, but he suffered from publicity. And lost his health. He was too sensitive for the cruel reality. But his music lives forever. RIP, Badding

We had coffee, bun and ice cream and moist in the eyes when listening his a bit melancholy songs
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Jan 28, 2014
Helsinki, Finland
This might be, and I really do hope so, my last contribution to this thread. Today lots of places opened including bars and museums. It would have been too obvious to share a picture from crowded bars and terraces 🙄
But instead visited Design Museum.
My wife is executive director of Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland, and she has waited their ‘Graphic Designer of the year’ award winner’s exhibition to open. Finally it opened today. But people are not yet exactly rushing to these places… Lucky me, easy gig with camera this time 😂






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