Creative compact cameras

Alessio Coghe

Mexico City
My new work (agency photographer) ask me new necessity. Now i must think to a new camera. I need a new compact camera, naturally creative.
I've got the lumix lx3, but i need a zoom more long.

I've got the necessity to have a compact camera for speed travels. Next year i will do a travel in south of Mexico. I need three cameras for no stress me with changing lens and battery recharging. And plus not stress my olympus pen: i must do so many photos!!!

My eye has pointed the CANON POWERSHOT G12, but you have any suggest?


Alsace, France
Hi Alessio,

I've just decided on the G12 as well. There is a 1.4x teleconverter available, which takes the zoom out to 196mm equivalent. I've always had a soft spot for the Panasonic TZ-series of superzooms, though, and I could imagine one complementing your LX3 quite nicely. You don't have the same degree of control, but Photoshop is a great workshop.

I also use a Panasonic FT-1 when conditions aren't fit for other cameras. It doesn't handle all that well, the lens isn't long or wide and the image quality isn't all that great, but it makes the difference between shots and no shots. When I got mine I put it in the bathroom sink, turned on the taps and started shooting. No problems. The shots were even sharp.

I don't know how you're to avoid battery stress, though, if you have three different cameras. You can get solar/car chargers if you'll be on the move a lot, but they cost quite a bit.


Los Angeles
I know my answer will not be popular, but I would consider a G9. Having also owned a G10, The G9 was better in every way. Since you already have an LX-3, you have the wide end covered and the G9 at its 240mm zoom was very good and useful. It also handled noise pretty well.


I have a Canon G9, and all I can say is how easy to get good results from this Powershot. And the value of this camera is high in comparison to the Canon G11


Administrator Emeritus
Philly, Pa
I'm also a G9 advocate. I think it's the nest camera in the line Canon ever made, or will make. My wife uses mine now as I have the LX5 buy I sure miss the G9.


The G12 is clearly a great choice, I'm not sure whether there was something about it that you didn't like. If you want a bit more zoom, the Nikon P7000 goes to 200 equivalent and it too is quite nice as well. If you don't mind going a bit larger, there are the whole category of superzooms like the FZ100 or the dozen other competitors. It just depends on what you are looking for.