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My 7 yo grandson Flynn is in his second season of cricket. They play modified rules where everyone bowls 2 overs and a batting pair face 4 overs. His club is short of players in the Under-10s so he is playing up a grade. His library book at the moment is Ricky Ponting's latest. He lives for his cricket and I captured some of his style today.



Taken at 140mm and cropped - can't wait for the 100-300. :biggrin:

Apologies to baseball fans for whom this may not make much sense. :confused:


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How wonderful it must be for you to be able to watch your grandson enjoying himself so much! "He lives for his cricket".:biggrin: He's lucky to have you there taking these photos, Bill because he'll have a great time looking back at them when he's thrashing the other team in 2024.:wink:

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