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Nov 3, 2018
Pennsylvania, USA
One of the greatest things about Cameraderie is that everybody is welcome to join our community and participate. It doesn't matter what kind of gear you use, what your shooting style is, or your skill level, we all share the common joy of photography. Everybody is welcome and our community members have posted some amazing shots.

While positive feedback is always welcome & encouraged sometimes a member might want more critical critiques to be given. Whether they are looking to improve their gear techniques or post processing methods or anything else that is part of their creative process these members want constructive critique that goes above & beyond positive feedback.

For those members seeking critiques there were previously a few different ways to indicate that but those methods were not always clear. Going forward there are now two very easy ways to indicate that critique is being sought.

Method #1 - Post in the Critique forum. ;)
There is actually an entire forum dedicated just for critiques! The Critique forum here at Cameraderie is for anybody to post something that they want critiqued or for anybody who would like to help out their fellow community members by giving a critique. Click -->here<-- to check it out.

Method #2 - Use the "For Critique" prefix. :cool:
When creating a new thread in certain forums here at Cameraderie you'll see a "prefix" option. A thread prefix appears before your thread title. You can select "For Critique" as the prefix to indicate that you are welcoming constructive critiques of your post.​

See, that was easy, right? :D

So in short... if you want to be critiqued post in the critique forum or use the critique prefix. If you want to give a constructive critique then make sure you see the critique prefix or that the thread is in the critique forum. :thumbsup:

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