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I suppose everyone has their preferences. I usually leave the photo cropped. If it's a good shot that I want to take into other dimensions, I revisit the cropping then. Rarely I duplicate a copy for different crop but it happens.


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I was thinking about cropping the other day.
What i noticed is i have to do loads more cropping/straightening on images i shoot with a compact compared to when using a DSLR.
I think its because shooting using a viewfinder is a more "deliberate" action, where you would take more care with things like level horizons & things in the side of the frame you wouldnt want there. With a compact you just point roughly where you want & wait for the beep telling you it's focused. It's been so bright lately that the rear screens have been useless......

As for cropping during workflow it's pretty much the first thing i do. A little crop or straighten & then any other tweaking if/as needed.
No point having a copy of a shot that's needed cropping..
The only reason i would go back & re-crop is if i needed a square format image for instagram or something although traditionally my insta is nearly all phone pics.
if you use Lightroom or any other non destructive editing software i'm pretty sure the original image is just a click or two away with "Revert to original" button :thumbsup:
Yes, it is, so you (all) are saying that Best Practice is to simply keep the original and crop as needed for each type of output when it is exported for that use? That is pretty much where things have been for the past 20 years. Ok, cool, no changes to best practices.

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