Crump—that's the noise of my Canon G9 hitting concrete from waist height two weeks back . It wasn't turned on at the time and it landed face first . It was the first time I had dropped a camera in 51 years of photography and when I picked it up and found no physical external damage I thought that my luck had held . Then I switched it on , the lens came out and stayed out . It's still out .The camera bleeped and displayed the message “Lens fault . Restart camera ” on the LCD and shut itself down. Restarting did not fix the problem . I trawled the internet for a fix . Plenty of suggestions (are G9 owners particularly prone to dropping their cameras?) but none worked .
Now whilst I was on a big trip through the US/Canada it was near the end I did have a second camera – my Leica X1-with me .It is only recently that I have had two cameras when travelling and this incident bought home to me that although it's a nuisance it's a good idea .
Now I am facing a dilemma .The cost of repairing the G9 may well be more than the camera is worth so what do I do ? Before I make a decision can any SC member provide any advice on the likely fault with the camera , a DIY fix or the possible extent/cost of the repair ?

Despite this little setback I came back with some interesting photos from my journey see .

Let's hope that these are not the last shots ever taken by that particular G9.

The Rolling Road


Sunny Frimley
Thanks for the link, I really enjoyed viewing your blog photos. You have a good eye for an interesting picture and I so wish I could compose as well as you! Although I did once own a G9, I can't offer you any help in that direction. Good job that you also had the X1 (I have one too and it's very light and good for travel). I hope you will post more pictures for us in the future!


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Nice selection of images. Sorry to hear about the camera. Did you have any insurance cover for it? Something to bear in mind - it's possible that you could spend a lot of money getting the lens fixed and discover then that there are some other problems as a result of its fall. Most cameras aren't really designed to be fixed (what is these days) so it might be best to see this as an opportunity.


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Philly, Pa
My G9 has dropped a few times. Once the lens did as yours is doing. I figured it was dead anyway spook...I pushed the lens back in while the camera was on. In just a short distance the camera took over and retracted the lens. Let's see... That was maybe 3 or more years ago. My daughter too the camera to Iraq and she dropped it and the screen cracked...
My wife dropped it about a month ago in the back yard on some dirt....

Well, she has it on vacation in Russia at the moment.
Of all the cameras I've ever owned, the G9 is my favorite...
Oh I forgot, it slipped out of my leather vest when I was do about 60MPH on my Harley....
Maybe I'm just lucky but that camera just wont let me down. Its got ugly dents, scratches, cracked screen but makes great photos.

Try pushing the lens in and see what happens...
Tx for the tip -- just tried it with a really hard push but sadly the lens has stayed firmly locked out .I like it so much I may just take it to the Canon repairer in Sydney and tell him to fix it and I'll just take the bill on the chin . I will call the travel insurance company tomorrow to check them out .

The Rolling Road