Currently in the dehydrator

First year I've planted Habaneros. Evidently they're prolific! Two plants, this is about half, the rest are still ripening. Jalapeno's are a favorite here. I also have two plants loaded with Red Ghost peppers. Why? No idea. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Yeah, Habaneros have a different kind of heat. I have two packed trays of hab halves and two loose trays of jalapeños and the jalapeños are far more pungent. Looking at all the striations on them, they're going to be pretty warm.
You eat that ghost pepper, and you’re ass is gonna wind up in the hospital again 😂
You'd be surprised at the sauces we have in the fridge! Carolina Reaper, Ghost, etc.

Most of those will be given away. I can't dry them in the dehydrator because the pepper gas would be unbearable, so they'll be naturally dried on thread in the garage. Some will be crushed and used for seasoning, or maybe I'll make some hot sauce, but I doubt I'll grow them again.
I put the Hanaberos/ scotch bonnets or should I say one of them in the pot when I'm braising meats or even cooking rice, but it has to be whole and never cut up or split, it'll be too overpoweringly hot otherwise.
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I have been told that if you plant radishes and jalapeños together, it raises the heat level of the radishes
Not true. The capsaicin is in the peppers. In order for them to make radishes hotter, it would need to be released into the soil. Radishes and peppers are companion plants. Growing radishes under your peppers helps keep the weeds down for the peppers, and provides some shade for the radishes. Growing radishes in hot weather will make them hotter, as will letting them get large.
Radishes grown here in Louisiana are almost always hot. Always surprises me when I eat them while traveling how mild they seem to be. Same with turnips. I was hunting a few years ago and found my way into an old food plot that had turnips growing everywhere. Dug up a couple and sat in my blind to eat them. Almost took my head off…