Fuji CV Nokton 23mm f/1.2 ASPH

I am kind of excited for this lens, as I can imagine it might work very nice in combination with my X-Pro3. I was already interested in the 35mm Nokton, however I am not too thrilled about that focal length - the new 23mm is a different story.

I've heard the first units already started shipping. I won't order one in the next few months, but maybe at some point later this year.
If my eyes still worked well with manual focus, I'd be getting one. The Cosina Voigtlander lenses I've used in the past have been good lenses. Loved the Heliar 50/3.5 version 4.
I just noticed the lens is actually already available here in Germany, a local photo store in Berlin has it in stock, price is €699, which is a bit cheaper than their 35mm f1.2 lens. Since I've just bought the 90mm f2 last week, my budget is completely drained for the next couple of months, otherwise I would buy it already.

The itch is there though, I always wanted a full manual lens and I can imagine it is a great and fun combination with the X-Pro3, both EVF and OVF. The minimum focusing distance of just 18cm is also pretty impressive. Just writing this I almost regret buying the 90mm 😅