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Expired Cyber Monday Price Drop - Fuji X100 and accessories

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NEW PRICE DROP...... SEE most recent post at bottom for current price.

I have an X100 for sale. Photos of everything are here.... Member Profile - SeriousCompacts.com Gallery . I just got it last week and while it is a great camera and I love the OVF, it's just too similar to my gf1. So I can't justify keeping both and I'm already super comfortable with the gf1. I'm also FINALLY buying some processing software (I still don't understand why it costs so much), so I could use the cash, too.

The camera is minty. There is not a spot on it anywhere. No scratches or rub marks. I honestly can't tell it from a new one. It comes in the original presentation box with software, cables, strap, charger and battery and 2 additional Fuji replacement batteries. The booklet and strap attachment rings are missing (that is the way I got it). To be clear, there are still ringlets that are a permanent part of the body, but they had originally provided some piece that interfaced with the ringlets and the strap. I can help you track down those pieces if you deem them necessary.
I am asking $950 for the camera

Also, I did some testing the other day to make sure everything was in good working order and ran through a test to make sure it doesn't have the sticky aperture blades issue. I'm not interested in sticking anyone with a problem. It switches apertures flawlessly and functions exactly as new. It's also my understanding that Fuji is just doing complete replacements for anyone that develops the SAB problem since they are aware of it.

I also have a Fuji LC-X100 leather case. It has one little scratch on it that is visible in the photos (the photos are in the gallery). It is $130 new, I am asking $75. It's a beautiful case.

I also have the official Fuji Lens Hood and Adapter ring LH-X100 which is $140 new. Some of the paint flaked away (it is a common problem and has happened on every one that I have seen.....it has been touched up with some black paint). I am asking $75 for that.

All boxes have been saved and are included.

The holiday special is $1,050 for everything and includes insured shipping to any US address. Even if you aren't interested in the add-ons, I think they add to the resale value of the whole, but don't feel compelled to take them. People like the original Fuji accessories, but never want to pay the premium for buying them new. I'm sure they'll sell quickly.

My preferred option is to sell everything together. The accessories will only be sold individually after the camera is sold (if someone buys it without the accessories). So, if you are interested in an accessory, you can pm me, but if the camera doesn't sell here, I'll be listing the whole package on eBay. I've noticed that cameras with the goodies tend to sell a little better than solo cameras and my main goal is to sell the camera.

partial trades are a possibility, but not super likely.

Thanks for your consideration. I have a bunch of feedback history on the mu43.com website under the same user name and TONS of feedback on ebay under the user names of mikeslps and mikeslps_2 for references.
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